Mind blowing Anime Apps For iPhone To Watch Anime Movies

There are thousands of anime apps for iPhone. Among the thousands, only handful number of apps are really worth trying. That is the reason today I would be listing out best of the anime apps for iPhone to watch anime movies online. The listed apps below are legitimate apps and are used by over thousands of users. I have already listed best anime apps for android.

As the number of anime fans are increasing day by day, there is huge demand of decent anime apps for iOS. Hence you may try the anime apps for movies listed below and keep the best one for your regular usage on the go. The best part is, these iOS anime apps are absolutely free of cost and do not require any subscription fees for watching free movies. You may also check out best English dubbed anime sites.

anime apps for iPhone

Anime Apps For iPhone – Watch Anime Movies

  1. Viewster

    viewsterViewster has been one of the best apps for streaming of free anime movies, anime TV shows. It has been developed by Viewster AG. You would be able to use this on iPad and iPhone both. Hence this is pretty amazing app for all the anime lovers. It has great collection of rapidly growing anime movies and TV shows in both simulcasts and classics. The best part about this app is they have provided the fully licensed content. All you need to do is to download the app from the iTunes and start enjoying your awesome free anime movies. There is no need to sign up or subscribe to them or provide any personal info. Some of the main features that they provide are, full length movies, free anime and TV shows. Free instant access to official licensed anime content. You also can create your watch list of favorite movies and shows. They also provide Chrome cast support.

  2. Anime Lab

    anime labWhenever I think of watching anime movies online on my mobile, I just have one picture in mind and that would be Anime Lab. Famous for their awesome anime content they are rated very high when it comes to the quality movies. This is no doubt one of the best anime apps for iPhone. Anime Lab is developed by Madman Entertainment and they claim to provide awesome anime hits and simulcasts direct from Japan. The best part that I like about them is that they also provide the English subtitles and English dubbed anime movies. Their app also supports Airplay, Chromecast or WebOS TV. Hence you can easily watch these streaming on the big screen. They also provide special subscription and premium membership in which they provide unlimited content and anime block busters on the go.  Some of the series that is available free on this app are Dragon Ball Super, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul,Death Parade, Fairy Tail etc.

  3. Anime Amino

    anime aminoAnother popular app among the anime lovers is Anime Amino. If you want to be among the anime lover then this is the app for you. You have the option to stay updated with the anime world here on this app. Be connected with other anime lover share videos, images and other anime stories with people that you have connected with. You can easily explore different sections for other anime material and other enthusiasts. You can enjoy all with this with a very little subscription fees of 2.99 $ per month. This is no doubt one of the fastest growing app because of its social powers to connect anime and manga fans throughout the world. Anime Amino has easy to use user interface and very light weight on your phone’s memory, hence this is just awesome for any anime lover.

  4. Crunchyroll

    crunchyroll - iosAnother awesome app for all the anime addicts is Crunchyroll. It has been developed by Ellation Inc. This is one one of the most popular apps in Japan. Widely known for its awesome content. They provide you with the wide range of TV series and Anime movies on streaming. You can easily find your favorite anime series. The app is nicely built and has easy to use user interface.  If you download this app for the first time you would be getting the 7 days free trials of premium membership. They also provide free usage in which you can watch the streaming content on the app without any adds and without any charges. By using this app you can easily watch anime on Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Roku – pretty much any internet-connected screen.

  5. Netflix

    netflixOne of the most popular app for streaming any type of content is Netflix. There is just amazing anime series currently being streamed on netflix. If you are a Netflix lover you can definetely give a try. They have listed some awesome science fiction series. Other series include Ouran High School,  Castlevania , Kinghts of Sidonia etc. They have also produced their own anime series. Many times what they do is, they buy the international rights of certain anime and those could be regarded as Netflix Originals. They have also planned to get the exclusive Netflix original Anime series Seis Manos, which is based in Mexico to be released in 2019.  All in all we can say that Netflix is also an option for you, if you are looking for some awesome anime content and amazing viewing experience. I regard this app as one of the better anime apps for iPhone.

  6. Naruto Shippuden Official

    naruto shippudenOne of the upcoming Anime movie content provider in Asia is Naruto Shippuden Official. This app is powered by Crunchyroll. They have both versions, free version without any membership or ads and the second one is for premium services which requires a certain fees to be paid every month. With 2.8 average ratings on iOS platform, this app is still being developed to be a high quality one. You can download this app if you need daily new anime movie content within 1 hour of air in Japan. This is pretty cool app specially if you consider its free services and daily updates of new anime movie content. For Asian countries this is the dream come true. As they will be provided awesome anime movies for free.

  7. Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker

    kitsuKitsu is one of the new apps in the field of anime and manga. It is developed by Josh Fabian. You can find new anime and manga content here. Keeping up with the new trends and the latest happening in the world of Anime movies and manga world becomes easy if you are using this app. You can find some awesome content and new movies from your favorite categories and other streaming platforms. Here in this app all the anime lovers  share their knowledge and latest trends from the world of anime. hence I would definitely reccomend you this app if order to stay updated.  Here users also share the links to manga websites to read manga online. With 3.6 rating, this is a nice app that you can definitely give a try.

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