Best Christian Apps To Be A Better Christian

Yes, you read it right. These are some of the best christian apps that can let you know how to be a better christian. You can easily use these apps to deepen your faith in GOD and go through the scriptures. They will include daily readings on Christianity and path to simple living and strengthen our faith.

The list below includes some of the best daily bible verse app, theology, sermon, and apologetic apps for Christians. All these Christian apps would be available on the official app store, hence you can be sure that these are authentic apps and you are committing no sin as a Christian. You can also check out these christian meditation apps and keep yourself fit and at the same time follow the spiritual path

best christian apps

Best Christian Apps That Can Make You A Better Christian

  1. Bible

    holy bibleThis has been one of the best christian apps and is trusted by thousands of people world wide. The best part is, this app is completely free and has 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages. The developers have provided a great platform for highlighting and bookmarking the verses. You also will get option to add your personal notes to the verse and share the same on social media. This bible app also supports offline reading mode. You would not require an internet connection to read the bible. You just need to download the bible and then can read it anytime you want.

  2. Grace to You Sermons

    grace to your sermonsThis is another free app for the people who are looking to be a better better Christians. It is a free to download app and is available in all the leading platforms. This app contains preaching of John MacArthur’s Bible. The developers have included a close to thousand hours of Bible teaching which is are on your finger tips once you download this app. You can listen to Bible passages and verse that interest you.This app lets you spend time of your daily life learning new way of life according to the ideal Christian. As a result of which your faith in the humanity increases. This is a pretty nice and simple app with easy to use features.

  3. Share Your Faith

    share your faithAs the name suggests, share your faith app for your mobile is all about faith. It shares the most important faith and concepts from the Bible. Once you have started using this app, you would be easily addicted to it’s reading & understanding the simplicity of this christian app. You can also share this one with the recovering addicts, as this is all about faith and can show them the right path in the life. This is free to use app and is already being used by millions people around the globe. This app has got best app ratings with 4.8 as an average one.

  4. Christian Creeds and Reformed

    Christian Creeds and ReformedHaving Christian faith and access to Christian Creeds and Reformes is very important to develop your self and rinse the personality. Through this app you will have access to library of the most universally used Christian creeds. Hence you would e getting the preaching of people from all over the world and day to day habits to be a better christian. You will also get to know about the three ancient creeds namely the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. Here you will find everything with proper reasons and hyperlink to original scriptures. This is a free app and easy to use with all the features available.

  5. VOM Pray Today

    pray todayYou might have already guessed about this app. What exactly this is about and what it does. This app is all about prayers. It is the first step towards being a better Christian. By using this app you would be getting a new prayer every day. The developers have also added a reminder option to remind you of the prayer time and classic and beautiful imagery. You will start to feel Extremely Devoted and highly motivated. You will get the option to read online and offline and a great radio show to support. When you would be using this app you will get the latest updates on VOM Advance events and its news letter that could contribute in your being a better christian. It is a free app and definitely one of the best christian apps out there.

  6. In Touch Ministries

    in touch ministriesIn touch ministries and Dr. Charles Stanley have been known for their teaching and biblical preaching. When you use this app you would be getting exclusive access to the knowledge of Bible and the way of living of an ideal christian. This is certainly on of the better best christian apps. With this app you can start your mornings with the bible verse and prayers and devotion. You can stream TV and broadcast radio for the knowledge that this app provides to all the Christians. This app also provides 24X7 streaming of In Touch Ministries programs that teach you a better way of Christian living. You will also get access to Sermon notes which are designed to apply the truth of Scripture to your life.

  7. Soularium

    soulariumSoularium helps you connect deeply with your emotions. It lets you have the meaningful conversation about life and GOD. You will have pictures to help you deep dive into the true meaning of life. It lets you have a meaningful dialogue within yourself. This app will let you talk about your life and your spiritual journey. It has 50 pictures and 5 questions. With an average rating of 4.8, this is pretty useful app. Soulariu is just a perfect app for those who like to visualize through images and talk about life and spirituality. Everyday you will feel great power within you once you start asking yourself the questions that are in the images of this app.

  8. Pray As You Go

    pray as you goThis app is exclusively for those people who believe in the power of prayers. This is designed to be used on the portable devices so that you can pray whenever you get time. A new session of a prayer is added in this app for every work day. For weekends you will get 1 prayer. Pray as you go is pretty famous and widely used apps between the people on the job. As they do not have a specific time for prayers, hence they use this app to go deep into prayer whenever they get time. When you start using this app, you will become more aware of the GOD’s presence. Your way of living the life would improve according to the Christian way of living. Your faith in Christianity would increase. The relationship with GOD would be more deep once you start praying.

  9. Pureflix

    pure flixPureflix is an entertainment app that has movies based on faith, GOD and Christianity. The developers have included movies, TV series, Anime, documentaries and biographies as well. The best thing that I liked about this app is that it does not include any non-Christian content. The creators of this app claim that it is a faith-based and family-friendly video-streaming source on the web. Hence it could be used by all the Christians who have faith in GOD and Christianity. The user interface of this app is just awesome. You can be ready for an wholesome experience and awesome viewing experience for your entire family. They also claim that the developers also have single aim to provide content which is religion friendly and uktimately restores our faith in GOD.

  10. Got Questions

    got questionsLast app in our list of best christian apps is Got Questions. You can use this app when and if you have got questions related Christian faith and existence of human life. This app could be considered an encyclopedia of Christian way of living and thinking. It has got answer to every question that you might have on Christianity and its faith. The developers have included over 5,600 of our most frequently asked questions about the Bible. You can also add the value to this app by answering the questions in this app and you also can ask questions if that particular is not already added to this database.In totality this is pretty awesome app that could be used on daily basis to get close to GOD and Christianity. You can download this app for free from Google play store and iTunes.

  11. Christian Chat

    christian chatChristian Chat app lets you connect and communicate with the Christians around the world. The means that you can use here would be voice and text. This is available on the google play store. The best part is, you do not need registration for this one. All you need to do is to download and install the app and open it and you are good to go.

    You can have great friends here. It is easy to use app and has awesome features that lets you communicate and mingle with people from all around the world. Many users have shared their positive review about this app and hence you definitely can try this app.

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