15 Best English Dubbed Anime Sites Online

Are you looking for free dubbed anime sites ? If yes, then you have landed at right place. If you are a big time anime fan then it would be very hard to find English version of anime series. Now you need not worry. As I have compiled one of the best list, which would provide you one stop solution for all free dubbed anime sites.

The number of viewers of anime series are increasing day by day. Huge number of fans watch anime on iPhone as well.  The main problem faced by them is, they do not get good English dubbed anime sites. Hence If you are also in same condition, you can refer to the list below. You can watch your favorite anime by downloading or streaming the English Dubbed Anime videos online. Also check out top manga websites to read manga online.

English dubbed anime sites

Best English Dubbed Anime Sites

This list would be consisting of the top best dubbed anime sites. As a result of which you need not wander anywhere else for getting the translated version of anime series. These sites would be giving you free dubbing on the anime series. If you are regular user of these English dubbed anime sites then you will never miss out a single episode of anime series.

  1. 9Anime

    If you are diehard fan of anime series, then 9anime is the site for you. Here you have access to watch the high quality of anime videos online for free. The best part that I love about them is you can watch online anime without paying, registering. All you need to do is visit them and enjoy your anime and use tons of great features. You can check on the schedule, also can send a movie request if you are not able to find. They present you with high quality videos that you absolutely enjoy.

  2. Anime Filler List

    anime filler list
    Anime Filler List is the one stop solution for all the anime fans. It does not only offer complete anime series from original versions to dubbed ones but informative contents, polls, forums and events. They are very famous with the anime lovers. Hence they also provide you with the high quality video series. As a result I have kept them on the second spot for the best dubbed anime sites.


  3. GoGo Anime

    gogo anime
    GoGo Anime is pretty simple to use portal for anime lovers. They provide free English Dubbed Anime videos of high quality. Owner of gogo also has added the list of anime series present along with the new season category. You also have the option to search series with popularity basis. The best part of the website is the “Ongoing Series” section. As they provide complete list of ongoing series which could be watched online for free. Hence this one is pretty popular among users. Gogo Anime has also sorted the anime series based on genres. As a result it is easy to search on this dubbed anime site.

  4. Kiss Anime

    kiss anime
    If you are a fan of anime series, then you might have heard the name of Kiss Anime. Here you have the option to watch anime online for free in HD. In here you also can easily Dowload Anime English Dub, Sub on PC, Mobile. This website does not work in UC Mini or Opera Mini or any other small browser which is a a drawback. They do have a register button, you don’t have to sign up to stream the content. On the left hand side if you would see they also give regular updates regarding the best dubbed anime.

    You can also check out some of the top best kissanime alternatives. You can use the webistes listed there whenever kissanime is down.


  5. Anime Freak

    anime freak
    With the name itself you can understand the meaning. The freakish website with dubbed English animes for you! Anime freak has a great User Interface. They have the largest collection of English dubbed anime series. All you need to do is to select the anime from right and you are good to go. Developers claim that they stream 10000 anime episodes and they also add new Animes daily! Hence this is one more reason to visit them.


  6. Anime Season

    anime season
    Anime Season has been one of the most consistent websites that has been providing high quality free English dubbed anime series. It’s users love the fact that they have almost all anime series dubbed in English language. They are absolutely free for download. Categories or genres of the movies or series of anime are well arranged making it easy for you to search your favorite one. Whereas on the left hand side they have a bar which gives information regarding the full series list and ongoing series list of anime. Hence no doubt, they are one of the best website for dubbed anime sites.


  7. Masterani

    They are one of the new websites that provide free English anime. This is best for all the anime lovers who need anime in dubbed form. Masterani provide service completely free. There are less to negligible ads placed here on the website. You have the list directly placed on the front page. Directly visit their home page and start watching your favorite anime series in dubbed language. I also prefer this website as they are very easy to use and there is no login required.


  8. Only Dubs

    only dubs
    Only Dubs is one of the standard portals that provide high quality stuff for anime lovers. I personally love this website for its high quality of English dubbing of all the anime series. That is one the reason Only Dubs is considered on of the best dubbed anime sites among anime lovers. Apart from streaming the videos online by choosing any episodes of anime TV shows or you can also download the video as well. Only Dubs is easy to use website with a sleek design and even a third grader can use it.


  9. Anime Heaven

    anime hevenAs the name suggests. This is a complete heaven for a anime lover. Anime Heaven is one of the website that gives all the latest and up to date English dubbed series. They have listed the latest ones on their home page. You can directly click the link and begin to watch them from there itself. Main focus of them was A to Z into the site of Anime heaven. The best part that I liked is that, they do do not have any links, advertisements, spams, etc. This is a tru heaven for all the anime lovers like us. Hence you can definitely try it out.


  10. Anime Streams

    Anime Streams is one of the newest website portal in the list. They are also one of the free dubbed anime providers. Here as well you can put in your request, when and if you are not able to find any anime series on their portal. They provide English dubbed and English subtitles as well. They provide the direct link to the video of the anime series. Hence you would not face any difficulty in viewing them. The main issue is that, they have lots of advertisements placed on their portal, that can be annoying for the general users.

  11. Chia-anime

    Chia anime is another addition to this list of best dubbed anime sites. Their content is top notch. You would be having access to all of the popular anime series from all time and the latest ones for free. The quality of English dubbed anime is nice one with quality subtitles as well. You would be having access to the latest anime series in English dubbed version. They also provide menu for Anime Index, Manga List, Anime Movies, Anime Sound Tracks along with Asian Drama and their sound tracks.


  12. Funimation

    Another latest and trending website for anime streaming online. This is absolutely free to use website. Funimation is best known for its awesome quality content. You also get the option to buy and stream official anime which includes Drifters and Fairy Tail and many more. This is mostly owned and operated by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is restriced in some countries as well. That is the reason I have not listed this on top of the list of dubbed anime sites. Being primarily for ENglish speaking audience, this is one of the best example of anime site that has most of the content in English language.

  13. Netflix

    netflixYou must be wondering, why was Netflix was mentioned here in this list of English dubbed anime websites. The reason being, Netflix has also started providing awesome quality of anime for all the anime lovers. Starting in the January 2018, they have begun with Devilman Crybaby in the supernatural horror genre. The quality have always been awesome and right up there. They have also got the rights for other anime like B: The Beginning, A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-, SWORDGAI The Animation, Lost Song and Baki as well.

    There are also news that soon Netflix will soon start its original Netflix Anime for all the awesome fans all over the world. Hence In future as well you can expect a lots of quality anime content from Netflix. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is, Netflix comes with a subscription fee, as a result of which if you are hardcore fan of anime, then you can go for this service.

  14. Eye On Anime

    eyeon animeAnother great and free source of anime magic is Eye On Anime.You can watch latest and free anime online at any place and any time. You can easily search about the “latest” , “ongoing” or “updated” anime series with the options provided on the right hand side bar of the website. There is an option to browse the anime by the starting letter as well.

    You will have letters from A-Z, all you need to do is to click on those and you will have full list in front of you. The developers have dedicated categories which provide latest Anime List, Movies OVA, Cartoon Lists, Latest Episodes, and other random anime series. You also can browse as per the genres of anime that you like.

  15. Watch Dub

    watch dub anime
    If you are looking for complete website in terms of anime experience and anime review, then Watch Dub is the website for you. Watch Dub, not only give introduction to the particular anime, but they also let you know about the star ratings given to that particular anime by other anime fans. Hence this can be awesome if you like to watch anime that is loved and appreciated by others. This is a complete anime world, where you will find all the dubbed anime, same as the

    name goes of this website. The developers have also provided you with the bars on the left side which display the latest anime, latest cartoon anime, recent updated episodes. Once you visit this website all you need to do is to select the anime that you will be going to watch and then click on the live links and you will get the play button to play the English dubbed anime.

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