Best Eye Coloring App For Android And iOS

Initially, I covered the red eye removal apps. Now I have moved one step further. Here is the list of apps that you can use to change your eye color to any color that you might like. As a result of which you can have different lens colors in every picture. In today’s fast-paced world, you need not use Photoshop for every minute details.

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With the help of these simple to use the app, you would be able to easily change your eye color. Hence, you can look amazing in your pictures just by changing your eye color.

The best part is that it is easy and it is free. These apps are completely free to use with some paid features and could be downloaded from the official app stores.
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Best Eye Coloring App

The Best Eye Coloring App For Android And IOS

Adobe Photoshop Fix

adobe photoshop fixYou might be aware of the image editing tool Photoshop. This app that I am going to talk about has been created by the same developers. Hence, you can expect great quality from the editing tools and other options in the app. You can easily use this app to change your eye color. There are different color options available that you would be able to choose from the filter options.

There are lots of other cool options that you can use in editing. Some of them are, retouch, face aware liquify, heal, smooth, lighten and darken, etc. Using these you would be able to provide a smooth and nice look to your images.

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Eye Colorizer

Eye ColorizerAnother cool app that you can use for changing the lens or eye color would be Eye Colorizer. It has got a huge number of lens and eye color changing options. Hence, you do not have to look beyond this as far as changing eye color is concerned. It also has got an amazing blending technique that makes the image look natural. You also can remove the red eye with this app and make it to your desired color.

This app is exclusively for iOS users. Hence, you can expect a great quality app. It has got 107, pure eye design to choose from. It has different shades and designs of the same color as well. In terms of variety, you have a nice decent app that you can use for changing the eye color.

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Eye Color Studio

eye color studioAnother great app that you can use to change your eye color would be Eyed color Studio. It is definitely one of the best eye coloring app that you can find. In addition to changes in the color of the eye, they also can change the eye effects. Some of the effects are cat effects, flame effects, smokey effects, etc. Some of the crazy effects that you can use are scary eye effects and alien/animal eyes.

This app supports more than 150 eye colors. Hence, you have a wide variety to choose from. You also can change the eye color from the image gallery of yours. Here you can choose the eye of the person and use it on your image, this is an overdraft effect and this app makes it look natural. Hence, you can definitely give this app a try.

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Eye Color Changer

eye color changerWith over 10 million-plus downloads, this is one of the most used apps when it comes to an eye coloring app. Hence, I can easily say that this is one of the best eye color apps for android. This is exclusively for Android users. There are huge collections of different colors that you can try from. You will have the options of different shades and shine from the same color pallet. There are options to try as many colors as you want and the best part is that this app is completely free to use and you do not have to pay a single dime for it.

It has got a realistic and natural eye color that will make your eye look natural and original. There are options for animal eye colors as well. You also can change your eye color or can choose from the eye lens of the same colors as well.

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facetuneFacetune is a kind of all in one app when it comes to photo editing apps. One of the most useful and talked about options in the app is bright eyes. Using this option you can easily change the color of your eye or lens. Hence, this is also one of the best eye coloring apps on the market. You can edit all the details to the very minute stages. Setting eyes for a penetrating gaze is one such coll option present.

There are other effects for eyes as well which includes the brightening effect. Smoothing effect and red and white eye removal options as well. This app is available for android and iOS users so that more people can use this app.

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Eye Color Changer Booth

eye color changer boothThe latest addition to this amazing list of eye coloring app is Eye Color Changer Booth. This app has got some amazing tools that could be used very easily. With all the amazing eye colors to choose from. Eye color changer booth is easy to learn the app. It has got some awesome photorealistic effects. That could be used in any photo-editing style.

The app supports more than 100+ eye color filters that could be used for free. Automatic detection and suggestion for the filter are also available. You also can create a unique filter by using the tools present in the app.

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