Best GameCube Emulator Android Apps

For the lovers of GameCube games, it is essential to have the best GameCube emulator android app. Hence this post is all about the best of the emulators out there that you could use for GameCube games.  These emulators are absolutely free and 100% working, as a result of which you need not worry.

You can easily use these emulators on android and would be able to enjoy all the best and the most underrated GameCube games. Having these awesome GameCube games on android would surely take you to your childhood and you would be able to enjoy these games same as before.

gamecube emulator android

Best GameCube Emulator Android Apps

If you try searching for Nintendo GameCube Emulator on Google, you would get tons of options out there. The fact remains the same, very few of them work and are safe to use. Most of them are filled with creepy adds while others could infect your android device. Hence you could use these emulators that are listed below. These GameCube emulator android apps are safe to use and will not harm your device at all. If you find any issues, please comment down below in the comments section.

  1. Dolphin Emulator

    dolphin emulatorDolphin emulator has been one of the well known emulators for android that could be used for Nintendo GameCube games. The best part with Dolphin emulator is that it comes with windows compatibility as well. It also supports Linux, Mac OS and of course Android. Though it does not support all the GameCube games, but it does support most of them, it includes Ikaruga, Baten Kaitos, I-Ninja and other GameCube hidden gems. Dolphin emulator also supports WII games which is one more additional feature that Dolphin Emulator has. In terms of speed, Dolphin emulator is fast to load, runs with stability and gives you a 1080p picture. This sort of resolution is not supported by most of the other emulators in the market. It has got easy to use steps for installation and set up is light on device as well.

  2. nds4droid

    nds4droidAnother very cool Nintendo emulator is nds4droid. It is mostly used for Nintendo games, but very few people are aware that it could be used for GameCube games as well. It is one of the new game emulators in the market. Hence it’s developers are trying to improve it day on day basis. As a result of which you may expect that it supports more and more GameCube games in the near future. It is completely open source software. Hence if you are one of the people who loves to code and want to improve this emulator, you may try your hands at it. The only issue that is faced when and if you might use this one is, you might get stuck at a single frame. At that time you can use the frame skip option to move forward.

  3. MegaN64

    megan64NegaN64 is the GameCube emulator which supports fast paced and uninterpreted gaming experience. It is present on the official Google Play store. The only thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you need to keep the game files onto the SD card. By doing so, you are allowing this GameCube  emulator to fetch the game and process at a very fast rate. MegaN64 is a part of open source project mupen64+ and it is licensed by GNU GPL v3. It is completely free to use and very easy to setup on the android device. Among the user of this emulator, you would find a tons of positive reviews regarding this one. Hence we can say that it is pretty good emulator to use for the GameCube Games.

  4. ClassicBoy

    classic boyClassic Boy is another awesome emulator for gaming on the android device. It is developed by Portable Android developers. With this awesome app, you would be able to play games by gestures and sensor as a result of which you experience a thrill like never before. It supports Nintendo 64, hence you would be able to play the awesome GameCube games. The integration of gesture is just great. There are 8 swipe directions can be detected on each side using which you can enjoy the fighting games very easily. The controls of each game is made easy by the sensors. You also can save the state of the game just like any other emulator. All in all this is a great app to use. The best part is, it is completely free to use.

  5. NDS Emulator

    nds emulatorNDS Emulator is another addition to this list of gamecube emulator android apps. As the name suggests, this emulator works for Nintendo games. It is free to use and could be used for awesome game play experience. You have the option to load the game and save them as well. You also have on screen game controls, these controls are also editable on the screen. Hence you may customize them as per your needs. It also supports external controller. It is pretty easy to setup and very light on your android device, hence you can enjoy the games that are heavy as well.

  6. Nostalgia.NES

    nostalgiaAnother great emulator in this list of gamecube emulator android is Nostalgia. As the name suggests, you can easily understand that it supports old games on your new android device. The developers claim that, you can easily travel back to your favorite childhood memory by using this emulator. They have not added any games, but it is the platform that can support the old games. You can easily save the game progress and use it later whenever you want. Nostalgia also has highly customized virtual controller and hence you can set everything according to your needs. Some of its cool features are Zapper (light gun) emulation, Turbo buttons & A+B button, hardware accelerated graphics on OpenGL ES and also hardware keyboard support.

I hope that you would have found best of the gamecube emulator for yourself. If you want me to add more to this list, please let me know in the comments below. You would always get best of the solutions here at Your Top Best. These emulators are not 100% working on every gamecube game. You need to try each of them on every game that you want to play on your android device and then you would be able to find the perfect android emulator for your gamecube game. If you have any suggestions, please let me know so that I can help you all with the latest updates.

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