Top Best Ghost Photo Apps For Android And iOS

If you are the one who wants to prank your friends using one of the best ghost photo apps, then this article is just for you. I have picked the apps which are best in quality and are free to use as well. Hence, scaring your friends using one of the best ghost photo apps will not dig a hole in your pocket.

These ghost photo apps will provide you with the most natural and amazing images. You can easily convert your normal image to a ghost like picture using these apps. These apps are extended part of our series of scary face apps.

ghost photo apps

Best Ghost Photo Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Ghost In Photo

    ghost in photoWith one of the most natural features, Ghost In Photo is right there on top. Using this app you can easily have different pics of ghosts in the photo. There are different images of ghosts that you can choose to use on your image. There are easy steps to create a ghost background for your pic. All you need to do is to select your image, open in the app and select the ghost photo.And you are good to go.

    You also give a scary effect to your photo just by placing a ghost from the app to your image. The developers have also included funny ghost images that you can include in your image to look it scary with a fun ghost.

  2. Ghost Photo

    ghost photoAnother great app that is available for the android users is Ghost Photo. This app is also considered as the prank app that could be used to prank any one. There are multiple options that you would be able to use. You can include a ghost in your image. You also can simulate the image providing your pics with Ghost Lens on yourself.

    There are some cool options that are included by the developers. You can add more than 1 ghost in your image. There are options present to blur the image of the ghost as well, this will give a natural look to your image. Adding some scary text and creepy filters is also an option present in this app.

  3. Ghost In Photo Editor

    ghost in photo editorWith the name itself, you might have got the exact working of this app. Ghost In Photo Editor is an app for all the android users that has some huge variety of Ghosts, Skulls, Skeletons can be added to Photos. These are present in the form of stickers. Hence they could be used easily. This app also lets you decide the exact place of the ghost in your image.

    Adding a new ghost or a skull image is very easy in this app. All you need to do is to use your two fingers and select the ghost image, set the transparency level and place the ghost. As a result of which you are good to go. The usage of advanced graphic in this app will enable you to make your image look original and scary. Hence you also can use the edited image to prank your friends as well.

  4. Gost Lens

    ghost lensGhost Lens is one of the easy to use app that is used to make ghost photos. With the fading effect provided in the app, the edited image with the ghost will look natural. The developers als claim that,the app has photoshop effects that could be used easily. This app lets you Clone your own ghost & Clone yourself.

    You also can apply filters, make funny or scary illusion & funny Video/Photo. Ghost Lens also has the video editing capabilities that could be used. You even can make a photo collage out of your pics and include ghost in them to make the whole scene scary. Ghost Lens also provides you with the awesome live ghost inclusion in your image, hence you set the ghost and its place in your camera while you are clicking the image. This is done using the VR(virtual Reality).

  5. Haunted Booth

    haunted boothIf you want to transform just your face into a ghost photo, then haunted booth is the app for you. This is considered as one of the best ghost photo apps, since it is easy to use and is absolutely free to download. You also have the option to get an animated scary face of yourself. You also have the option to change your 2D image fully to 3D.

    The option is also present to directly share the images on social media apps as well. There are some great filters for changing your normal face into terrifying faces and expressions. According to the users, the images and the scary faces are so real and believable, that you should keep them away from children and faint heated people.

  6. Zombie Me

    zombie meAnother cool app if you are looking for coll ghost apps for your phone. Using Zombie Me is very easy. Select the picture that you like of the ghost, resize it according to your face and add the effects. You are good to go. It is one of the better spooky photo editor which has lots of cool Zombie Effects. Zombie Me is also a free app for android users which is kind of Cherry on the top.

    Using this app you also can make a great scary photo of yourself and prank your friends with the same. This is perfect app if you do not have any professional editing knowledge but want to easily create professional horror photo using the ghost image app. There are multiple photo effects that you can use. With tons of ghost images and filters this is another app that you can give a try if you love the ghost photo apps.


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