Best Internet Lock App That You Should Install Now

Internet lock apps have become essential these days. You all must be using some or the other lock screen apps on your phones, but when it comes to protecting some specific applications, lock screen app do not work as good. Hence if you want to protect your internet usage and internet services then you should have one of the best internet lock app.

There are hundreds of internet restriction apps floating over the internet. In this article I have chosen the best ones that are free to use and are best in their services. As a result of which you would be able to get the solution for your internet usage problem by others and at the same time you will have ample amount of data for usage.

Best Internet Lock Apps

Best Internet Lock App

  1. Data Lock

    data lockThe first app that comes to my mind when I think of internet lock app is Data Lock. The name itself suggests the whole working behind the app. You can easily put the lock as per the day / night / month settings. They also have notification when your data limit is near. You would be able to control your data usage policies and settings using this app.

    This is free to use app and with the easy to use features, it could be used by any person who has basic knowledge about smart phones. With this app you also ca schedule tasks and other data related properties.

  2. Internet Lock

    internet lock appsThis is another useful app that you could use if you are a android user. This is the new app that has some good features when it comes to internet clocking on your android phone. You can easily stop the internet usage, data traffic, ads, secret tracking etc by using this simple app. When you are using this app, you can easily escape the hackers, malicious apps, spies, government, companies, data collectors etc.

    This app complete blocks the port of the internet, hence no data could be transferred at the time of blockage. While the password that you have set, protects it from the physical unwanted usage from others. You also can reduce the data usage and unwanted bandwidth charges when you do not need internet services. Hence you can try this app and see if this works for you. It is available free of cost from the Google Play Store.

  3. App Lock

    applockAnother suitable lock app that you could use to lock specific applications is App Lock. You can lock multiple applications and leaving the rest. Using this app you can lock all the internet related apps, hence no body will be able to use your internet connection. This internet lock app is widely used and has positive reviews.

    It also supports invisible pattern lock. Using this option, no body would be able to look or record your patterns or pins as well. This makes the App Lock app very useful and secure app that is used. You also can hide your gallery or secure photos and other secret stuff using this app. You can definitely try this app as it is available free of cost from the Google Play Store.

  4. Freedom

    freedom appAnother useful and very popular app that could be used to block internet from your device completely is freedom. This app is available for all the type of operating systems. You also can increase your motivational and productivity quotient using this app. All you need to do is to select the apps that you want to block. By doing so, you would be blocking the processing of those apps, hence your internet connectivity will be blocked.

    You can easily download this app from the official app store and can use it on any number of apps, hence you can ultimately block internet access on multiple devices as well.

Apart from using the above stated apps for locking internet you can use many strategies. You also can follow different strategies that you can use to restrict usage of internet on your mobile phone. Keeping a strong wifi password is also another option that you can try. You can keep a string lock pattern or phone lock app that you could use to lock your phone entirely.

Keeping your phone in your own supervision is also one of the way by which you could restrict the usage of internet on our app. Keeping an eye on the data usage also can make you restrict internet usage on your smart phone. There is an option to use the website or app blockers as well.

Using the best internet lock app could be the best solution if you want to restrict the internet usage.

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