20 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android For Free

Lock screen apps for android can be the best application, when using the android smart phone. Privacy these days is a top priority of all the users specially android users. Because finding the best lock screen apps for android could be time taking some times. Keeping this thing in mind Your Top Best has come up with the article of best lock screen apps for android. You would be able to find all the useful apps that you can install for free from Google play store.

These lock screen apps are great to use and also have good looks. As you are using the android you can try as many lock screen apps as you like. The basic lock screen apps are already present in your phone but they are boring and old. So you can choose any of the application that is best lock screen apps for android according to you and install it for free from Google play store. You also can check out internet lock apps.


Why We Need Best Lock Screen Apps

The first interaction with our android phone is our screen lock apps. The major advantage of using lock screen is the multiple functions it performs which secures your phone’s safety. Best screen lock for android provides protection for the personal data from others, it even protects the privacy of the information and data when the device accidentally awakes. Do you know that the lock screen application is the most used application in our phones. If you search on internet you will find there are tons of lock screen apps present. But I have decided to put a best list of lock screen apps for android.


Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

  1. Next Lock Screen

    Next Lock Screen is the ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. This app helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you will be instantly more productive. It can prove to be an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life. It could be regarded as one of the cool lock screen apps for android. As this has some cool features like custom unlock and notifications. It also gives you an option to launch your favorite apps with our built-in app launcher. This has a easy to use features and quick access to the Camera, Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more

  2. Lock Screen & AppLock Security

    This can be said as the most powerful lock screen with live wallpaper themes. This has added new feature App Lock, and can be your best App Locker & security guard.It has a classic lock screen that keeps your android lock screen beautiful and customized the way you want and shows you important notifications at a quick glance.

    There is an added App Lock Security, that is very easy for you to protect your privacy, give your phone all-round protection. If you have installed the app lock security, then nobody can check your photos, messages and apps except yourself. It has some main features like it has well-designed wallpaper themes. This app supports DIY lock screen editor with easy notification and app lock security.

  3. Lock Screen

    This application can certainly prove to be a good one. As on the Google play store it has been rated as 4.4 among the best lock screen app for android. It has one great feature by which you can turn off your screen with just one touch. And it also has a funky option by which you can turn off your screen by shaking your phone. You need not worry about the power key breaking down. It has also implemented the hide lock button, thus you can lock your screen and have a clean desktop.

    It is a very nice application with simple to use interface. There are great positive feedback from the users on the play store. So you can install this application which is one of the best lock screen apps for android and be carefree of your safety of data on smart phone.

  4. Gesture Lock Screen

    This application could be used from Jelly Bean MR2 and newer versions. This is a great application which is screen lock app for android free download. This app has got some cool gesture security and customization features. Gesture features include gesture color which is solid, transparent and invisible . Gesture stroke includes single stroke (one touch drawing) and multiple strokes. Security feature include draw gesture to unlock, you also can set , reset the passwords. And you also need to enter recovery password to turn off locker. It also supports some cool backgrounds , Screen item editor and date and time designs, which are totally customization. It also serves and option to lock screen wallpaper android free download.

  5. Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen

    This app enables the extensive feature for setting up a security pattern or pin. Thus latter can be developed in such a manner that it would appear somewhat invisible while scrolling the lines. This can be said as an ‘Intelligent Release’ which would easily allow one to bypass the available password. Whenever the phone is able to detect the WiFi network and is in the safe zone. The basic functional customization is ‘What’s Next’. There is a page which can help in swiping from right to the left. In addition, this application displays the events, calendar appointments which is to maximum of fifteen days. The Hi Locker – Your Lock Screen can be ‘Lollipop’, ‘classic’ or ‘IOS’. The Wallpaper Effect can be used with this tool. Here the user can easily customize one of the lock screens for android’s background wallpaper.

  6. ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

    ZUI Locker, this app can be regarded as the highest rated app with material design locker. This can make your screen lock unbelievably beautiful and elegant. Efficiency and security is what generally the users can experience on it. The HD wallpapers present on the best screen lock for android phone will automatically update. Thus you can start your new day with one new wonderful and cheerful picture every day. You can change the themes as per your choices, that can make your screen funky and cool. The design has been carefully modeled and will totally like you cool lock screen apps for android . Because ZUI Locker is the best locks screen replacement.It makes your screen smooth and beautiful just like silk.

  7. Fingerprint Lock Screen

    Get the best customizable fingerprint lock screen to lock your Android phone. This free app will work as a fingerprint screen locker which can be regarded as best lock screen apps for android. There is an option where you can also customized this lock scanner with your own wallpaper. That can prove as cool. You can trick your friends by this way. There is an option where you can change the number of beeps for unlock from the settings screen.

    You need to install this fingerprint Lock Screen app and open it to set up the scanning count.Then after that the lock screen page, press your finger on the center lock icon and you can scan for 3 seconds( as you set at the first step), By this your fingerprint lock scanner will imitate the animation as already recognize your fingerprint and your phone will unlock quickly. If you press more or less then 3 seconds, your phone will still be locked. This can be said as best lock screen for android as it also has fingerprint feature

  8. Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen

    By using this application you can easily design your own custom lock screen with Locker Master’s DIY editor. There is an option to upload and share your creations with a global community of users. Because of the browser you can download beautiful, inspirational wallpapers, and clever lock screen themes from around the world! It has got some great features like DIY editor, unique locks, and other customization options. By using this lock application you would be able to see the unread messages and the missed calls from the locked screen as well. This is a great feature because of its amazing features.

  9. Combination Lock Screen

    This is one of the safe custom lock screen application for the android smart phones. Because of its quick access panel this is one of the better applications to use. Combination Lock Screen tends acts as a safe vault,thus it gives you an alternative way to secure your android device with as multiple different pattern combination, as complex or simple as you like. It has some cool features like quick access panel, using which you could see most of the frequently used applications. Even if the phone is locked. It lets you record the locking features that can be complex and easy as well. There is one thing that you need to take care while installing this application is that you need to disable the default system lock.

Other Ultimate Lock Screen Apps For Android


App Name Download Link
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Knock Lock – AppLock Screen Download From Google Play Store
SnapLock Smart Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Picturesque Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Pattern Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Voice Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Keypad Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
PIP Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Couple Photo Lock Screen Download From Google Play Store
Screen Off and Lock Download From Google Play Store
File Lock Screen – Android Download From Google Play Store



Safety is one of the top priority of all the people. And when it comes to data security in android smart phones you can take a look at this article about best lock screen apps for android. The applications that are listed here are cool lock screen apps for android that could be used for locking the android device because of its security feature. The applications that we have mentioned could be downloaded from Google app store. You can also find different best lock screen for android when you search with “lock screen apps for android” keyword in the play store.

Hope you liked our article for best lock screen apps for android and if you are using any lock for android then you can also mention in the comments section. You also can share this article to help people around and following you.


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