Top Best Mood Lighting Apps – Android & iOS

Top Best Mood Lightning Apps are extremely important. If you had a long day and want to relax. Then these mood lightning apps are your friend. As you will be able to change your lighting environment.

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Also, this awesome list will help you find an awesome mood lighting app for you. Ultimately you will be able to calm your mind and make yourself feel at ease. This will also settle your strain in your body after long day’s work.

These apps have lighting of sleep lamp and night lamp. Hence, your mood will freshen up when you will use these apps. Also, because of dim lights, your mind will relax and you will be able to sleep better.

Even after using these best mood lighting apps, you are not able to sleep. Then you could use some useless websites to pass your time.

best mood lighting apps

Top Best Mood Lighting Apps – Android & iOS

  1. Night Ambient Lights

    Night Ambient LightsThis is pretty awesome and useful app. You have multiple color combination that you could use to lighten up your mood. There are warm, cold, blue, soft and neon colors available. According to the developers, these are the colors that can lighten up the mood pretty quickly. You also have the option to create your own color combination. Hence, you can choose different colors as well.

    There are other options to create different combinations. By choosing transition times between colors, you can easily enjoy this apps lighting effects. You can use this app in the bath tub. While partying as well. Or when you are meditating. These lights could also be used as a disco lights.

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  2. Sexy Romantic Mood Lighting for iPhone

    Sexy Romantic Mood Lighting for iPhoneThis app is an awesome app for all the iOS users. They can use this app to lighten up their mood in no time. This is free to download app. The best thing that I like about this romantic app is its animations during the app play.

    You have options to choose five different combinations of lighting, animations and music as well. Yes, you heard it right, this app also has a music option with the lights and animation.

    Hence, I will definitely rate this app as one of the best mood lighting Apps for iOS. You can use this app at the time of romantic evening dinner. I personally use it at the time of running on treadmill.

    Also, I suggested my brother to use it at the time of his examination preparation. And he just loved the app.

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  3. Best Night Light

    best night lightThis app is one of the best apps to be used as a night light. As the name suggests, you can easily use this one during your nighttime mood lighting. It has got three different modes to be used. Namely, Night Light, Mood Light and Lava Lamp. You also can set the timer for these modes. Or you also can hit up to 8 hours using a particular mode.

    I personally like this app because of its white noise or ambient background sounds. This makes my mood perfect and ready to sleep. I also use this app to read sometimes.  But mainly I used to prepare my mood and my body to sleep with the dim lighting options that this app provides.

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  4. Screen Light Table Lamp – Relaxing Sounds

    screen light table lampAnother app in this list of the best mood lighting apps is Screen Light Table Lamp app. It has got options like multi-color light, flashlight, reading light to make your life awesome at the time of night. It will set your mood and you will feel relaxed.

    This one also could be used as an alternative flash light app. One of the best relaxation point of this app is its sound. The music or sound from this app will make you feel at ease. You could also use vibration apps for massage to relax yourself. Hence, you will feel a great amount of calmness when you listen to this one on high volume.

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  5. Night Light Mood & Mindfulness

    Night Light Mood & MindfulnessFor all the iOS users, this is another great app when it comes to mindfulness. This app has accumulated different scenes. You can easily adjust each and every aspect of the app’s functionality. Adjusting lights, to adjusting the lamp character. Since, night is the time to relax and chill, hence you can choose the scene according to yourself.

    There are amazing and cool light bulb designs as well. Cool app backgrounds in different soothing colors. All these combinations will lead to a perfect soothing evening for you to relax and start your sleep time. Other cool options that this app supports are awesome music, light dimmer and scene timer as well.

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  6. Philips Hue

    hue philipsOne of the widely used apps for adjusting the lighting levels at home is Philips Hue. You can easily use this app to control all your home’s lighting. Adjusting the level of light and its brightness is one of the easiest things to do. You can easily match your mood with the color combinations provided by the app. You have around more than 16 million colors to play with. Hence, you cannot say that this app does not have the color that you like.

    The app also comes with the preset scene setting for the light combination. As a result you can easily change your rooms light atmosphere by just a tap. The app also transforms your pictures into a light combination. Hence, you can choose your favorite picture and the app’s light combination will make sure that the room’s atmosphere has the same level of lighting.

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