Top Best Slydial Alternative Apps For Android & iOS

Best Slydial Alternatives is what this article will talk about. Are you tired of using Slydial ? Looking for better alternatives than Slydial ? These apps that have been listed are some of the top best Slydial alternatives. You can use these apps to send ringless voicemails messages. Over and above that you would be enjoying ample of other services with these slydial alternatives.

You can send voicemails directly to people’s inbox without calling them. Hence, these are referred as ringless voicemail messages. If you are not looking to talk to someone and just wanted to convey them a quick message, this is where slydial alternatives will be essential.
slydial alternatives

Top Best Slydial Alternative Apps

1. WhatsApp

whatsappWhatsApp is one of the most used apps all over the world. You might be using this app to chat, to call as well. You might be using this one to even share your videos and images as well. But did you know that you can even record your messages just like a voicemail and send the same to anyone.

With some of the amazing features, sending voice notes is also an amazing feature that could be used. Hence, this is just an amazing alternative that could be used in the place of Slydial. With WhatsApp, there would be absolutely no need to create another account anywhere, just for sending the voicemails.

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2. Line2 – Second Phone Number

line 2Line 2 is another cool app that could be used on professional basis. This app is also used widely for ringless voicemail services. You will be provided a unique contact number which you can use for the same purpose. You will have a great experience using this app as there will be absolutely no difference when you are talking on normal call or a call using this app.

The phone number that will be provided to you will be from US or from Canada as per your choice. There is no need of additional handset or any kind of hardware. Hence, this is pretty handy thing to be used. Also, you may use this one any of the Wi-Fi/4G/LTE and cellular voice etc.

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3. HeyTell

hey tellHay Tell is another virtual app that you may use as an alternate to slydial. This is a cross platform voice messenger app. You would be able to use this one to talk to your friends and relatives. There is absolutely no need to create any account. All you need to do is to download the app and select the contact and press the talk button and your call will start.
The voice messages are quicker and free of cost. That is the reason it is gaining popularity as a slydial alternative. The app supports any of the 3G, 4G, EDGE, 1X or Wi-Fi. You also can choose from three privacy levels. With low level any one contact you. With medium level, people will be able to search you. Under high level, only you will be able to call others but nobody will be able to search you.

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4. Xfinity

xfinityXfinity is the app that you could use to continue your Xfinity services on to your mobile. You also can access your email as well. When you have Voice2GoSM, you would be able to make calls from your phone using Xfinity number as well. You will also have the privilege to attend home phone voicemails, call logs, voicemail transcripts, and call forwarding settings.

All you would need is a Xfinity account when you want to use this app. You also can sending ringless voicemail using this app. Hence, all I can say is, this is an amazing app and one of the best alternative of Slydial app.

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5. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting NotesVoice notes could easily be shared and when you are using Otter app. This could be used effectively when you need a better alternate to Slydial. Otter Voice is an amazing and easy to use app. You can easily record the voice with just a tap. This could be done on the widget and shortcut as well. Hence, this is pretty handy app to have in one’s phone.

You also can search and forward old messages. You also can create a group and send any of the voicemail type of messages to the whole group. Keeping all these facilities in mind, I can easily say that this is one of the better apps when compared to Slydial.

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