10 Best Butterfly Identification Apps

A butterfly identification app is an amazing tool if you are a nature enthusiast. These butterfly identification apps will help you in identifying each and every butterfly that you find in nature.

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Hence, if you are a nature lover, then this is a must-have app on your phone. All you need to do is to take a picture of the butterfly that you want to know about. Then upload the same into the app and you will have all the information right in front of you.

These butterfly identification apps are pretty easy to use. Also, they do not require much space in your phone if you are short on storage, you still would be able to use these apps.

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butterfly identification apps

10 Best Butterfly Identification Apps

  1. Indian Butterflies

    indian butterfliesThis is an amazing butterfly identification app that will provide you information about different butterflies and months along with their names in regional languages such as Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, and so on.

    You do not need to worry even if you do not have an internet connection because this app works offline. It covers almost all the species of butterflies found in India and it will provide you vital information such as the sexual differences, host plant, and the wingspan of the butterflies.

    You can see the gallery and this app also contains video links for YouTube. It will also provide you the option to create a checklist of your observations.

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  2. Big Butterfly Count

    big butterfly countThis is a very good app that will help you in counting butterflies. It is a very informative app that is extremely easy to use.

    You just need 15 to 20 minutes to spend in nature and help the pulse of nature. This app will let you count the most important species of butterflies and moths. You can submit your sightings too.

    It features information of about 19 species about which you can study and learn about.

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  3. Insect Identifier

    insect identifierIt is an amazing app that is still in the stage of early access. In this app, you just need to take picture of the insect and it will instantly identify the same using the technology.

    It can identify butterflies, bugs, and other insects directly from the picture or camera. You can study the insects you have just captured on Wikipedia.

    It can recognize about 77 species of butterflies as of now which is impressive and it can also recognize other species of insects such as ants, wasps, horntails, and many others.

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  4. Butterflies

    butterfliesThis is a very good app in which you can get anything that you want to know about butterflies.

    This app will let you know about more than 20,000 species of butterflies from all around the globe. It will focus on all the important aspects such as colors, wingspan, and so on.

    The dictionary works offline and you can search quickly for the descriptions. You can bookmark the information and save it in your favorite list.

    You will also have access to the search history and the voice search feature will enable you to search faster.

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  5. Butterfly ID

    butterfly IDButterfly ID app is an excellent guide of butterflies which will enable you to identify different species in a faster and more efficient manner.

    It will allow you to keep a record of all the butterflies that you have seen and this app contains a stunning illustration of all the species.

    This app is developed by professional ecologists and it contains images to help you in identification. If you are in search of a butterfly identifier app then this app happens to be a wise choice for you.

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  6. Leps

    lepsThis is yet another amazing app which helps the butterfly and moth lovers in identifying them.

    It will analyze the photos of these insects and display all the possible results. You can also create a checklist of your observations and rearrange the same as you want to.

    The best part of this app is that you can showcase your collection with others and it will also enable you to follow people who are just curious and share a common interest with you.

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  7. Woodhall’s Butterflies RSA

    woodhall butterflies RSAIt is a beautiful app that enables its users to identify butterflies that exist in South Africa.

    It has a database of more than 800 species of butterflies and thus, it is easier for the users for recognizing the butterflies in the most efficient manner.

    This app can identify butterflies of both the upper side and underside colors. This app includes nearly 3000 pictures of both male and female butterflies with different forms of color.

    You can compare two species and also track your sightings in a Life list.

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  8. Seek by iNaturalist

    seekSeek is one of the best identification apps which makes use of photo recognition technology in order to identify different plants, insects, and animals.

    This app is absolutely easy to use. You just need you to turn your camera on and start to seek. It can show you a list of several insects and other wildlife observations that exists in your area.

    You can scan the environment surrounding you and identify varieties of organisms. If you are a nature lover and will explore nature near you then this app is very much suitable for you.

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  9. ButterflyCount

    butterflycountThis app will assist you in contributing a lot to butterfly conservation. You can share your counts of butterflies in this app and provide different information about them including the sexual differences, photos, and accurate location.

    Your data will be secured and a backup will be done automatically. All of your observations will be reviewed by experts and one can use this for researching and studying it.

    The app works offline and you can create your own lists of different species of butterflies from any location. You can also identify butterflies using the sightings of other users too.

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  10. Butterflies – Identification, Information Lookup

    butterflies identification lookupIt is a very good app that makes use of AI technology in order to identify different species of butterflies. If you are a butterfly lover and want to know which butterfly belongs to which species then you can use this app.

    It can recognize from photos that are clicked by your phone’s camera and the best part is that you can also scan the photographs of beautiful butterflies saved on your device gallery.

    The app can be translated to other languages such as Arabic, Spanish, etc. based upon your requirement.

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    So, these are some of the best butterfly identification app available at present.

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