10 Amazing Cache Music Apps For Android & iOS

Did you just search for Cache Music Apps ? Are you looking for any music app that caches songs ? If your answer to the above two question is Yes ! Then you are at the right place.

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This article will let you know about the best of the cache music apps present for android and iOS devices. Hence, you would be able to listen to the music on the apps with cache.

This amazing list of cache music apps contains all the apps that are free. Hence, the basic functionality of these cache music apps are free. But if you need other functionality and options, then you also have the option to subscribe to them. Else, if you are an android user they you may also use free music downloader apps for android.


cache music apps for android & iOS

Top 10 Cache Music Apps

  1. Spotify

    spotifyIt is one of the most popular application on available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store where you can find and listen varieties of songs. It also enables you for listening to podcasts also known as one of the best cache music apps.

    You can search for the songs of your favorite artist, their new music albums and enjoy it on enjoy not only on your mobile phone but also on other devices like tablets, PCs, Television, etc.

    You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and another amazing feature of this app is that you can download any songs you like to listen it later in offline model. The sound quality is customizable.

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  2. SoundCloud

    soundcloudSoundCloud is an application which enables you not only to play music but you can also upload your own sound. Also, it is an music app that caches songs.

    You will be able to listen the song of your favorite singers immediately after its release and you can also add your most liked songs in a playlist so that you can easily find it.

    At present, it has more than 200 million audio tracks from all around the world. You can like, comment and repost the songs of your favorite singers which will enhance their reputation too. It also has a download option which will enable you to download and listen the song anytime you want without turning on your internet.

  3. Whooshi- Offline Music Player & Sound Effects

    whooshiThis is an amazing app which allows the users to create their own audio profile offline.

    It has got about 10 beautiful sound effects that will take your song listening experience to the next level.

    You can listen to your favorite songs applying these sound effects and the unique feature is that it has unlimited storage capacity. You can add and remove any songs on it within just a few seconds.

  4. Google Play Music

    google play musicIt is a popular app among the android users. It enables you to play millions and millions of songs that are of different genres.

    Google Play Music does not only give you access to the latest songs but old songs. You can create your own collection of songs and it has the ability to store about 50,000 songs on your personal playlist.

    This is pretty impressive and you can listen to it on anywhere you want too. I personally love this app because, I use an android device and it is preinstalled, hence I do not have to install any additional app on my phone.

  5. Hungama Music

    hungama musicIt is one of the best music streaming application which has a vast library of more than one crore audio songs along with music videos.

    It can also display the lyrics and depending on your taste and preference you can customize the recommendation feature.

    You will easily find the songs of your favorite artists, both the newer ones and the old legends here.

    You do not need to worry if you do not have an internet connection for the time being because this app will allow you to download unlimited songs and you can play them offline whenever you want to.

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  6. Shazam

    shazamThis app will enable you to find the songs of your most liked artists in seconds.

    You will be able to listen to the audio songs and it will also keep on displaying the lyrics on the screen along with the audio tracks.

    In this app you will also be able to watch videos for free. You can enjoy this app even if you do not have an internet connection.

    You will be kept on recommended about the songs that suit your taste and you can also share any songs you with your friends on social media platforms.

  7. Wynk Music

    wynkIt is an excellent music streaming application available in the Google Play Store which allows you to discover new music in Hindi, English and other regional languages. It has a vast library of both Bollywood and international songs.

    Wynk can stream the music in HD quality which will improve your music listening experience and you can also customize the recommendations as per your preference.

    It has got a user-friendly interface along with Google Assistant support. You can download any music for free, store it in a single personal place and listen it offline.

    Even if you have a lower internet connection you can listen to your favorite songs uninterruptedly.

  8. Apple Music

    apple musicThis app will be giving you the access to more than 60 million songs of different genres, artists, regions and so on.

    You can use this app on both Android device users and iOS device users. It is also compatible on macOS and desktops with Windows operating system.

    You can play your most liked songs on your most used device. It enables you to download it and listen to the music in offline mode. You can personalize the recommendations and create a playlist of your own.

  9. Amazon Music

    amazon music appThis is a very well-known music streaming application that will be giving you the access to more than 60 million popular songs.

    You can make the songs stream in high quality. If you have an Amazon Prime membership than it is even more beneficial because than you will be enjoying a completely ads-free experience.

    Also, it will allow you to download the songs offline which is extremely beneficial when you are running out of data.

  10. Free Music

    free musicIt is a very good music playing app which will allow you to discover new songs of different genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic and so on.

    You can be updated about the new releases and it also allows you to personalize the recommendation feature as per your preference.

    You can listen to your favorite music and also use any other application at the same time on your device. When using this amazing app, you can create your own playlist and add unlimited songs to it.

    This app will also help you in saving your data consumption by allowing you to download your favorite songs and listen to it offline later on.

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