Top Fake Text Generator Android Apps

World is changing and so is texting. Hence, from time to time everyone needs a fake text generator android app. For this very reason I have complied this list of top fake text generator apps that anyone can easily use according to their needs.

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The apps that I am going to list would be the best ones. Since I have personally tried each of them. The best part about this list would be the free fake texting apps.

These apps could be downloaded from the Google app store directly. As a result of which you do not need to worry about its authenticity. You also can check out top talk and text free apps.

Top Fake Text Generator Android Apps

Best List Of Fake Text Generator Android Apps


  1. Prank – fake conversations

    prank - fake conversation appsThis is a great prank app that you can use to make fake conversations. By using this app, you will be provided with the option to make any fake conversation of WhatsApp with that person. The developers have clearly stated that this app has been made for entertainment purpose only. No one should misuse it.

    Here in this app, the developers have given all the details to be customized. Once you have edited all the details, you need to capture the screen and you are good to go. For other type of prank apps you can check out prank call apps and if you want to troll your friends you can check out apps for trolling your friends.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Fake Text Message

    fake text messagesAnother great app in this list of top fake text generator android apps is Fake Text Message. This is exclusively for SMS messages. If you have to send a screenshot of fake SMS, then this is the best possible app for you. Here you can edit messages from inbox, outbox, sent items, draft and failed SMS as well. Whenever you failed to drop an SMS, you can pretend to someone that you tried to send the message but it got failed.

    The user interface of this app is just awesome. No one would be able to make out if the screenshot has been taken from a fake messaging app. This one is free to use and has all the features that you can use to edit all the details in the app. Hence, this is one of the best app when it comes to editing the SMS.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Fake Text Message +

    fake text message +This is an awesome app. You can send a fake text message to yourself. All you need to do is to set the date and time and the name. Then at the set time, you would be receiving the SMS by that same person name.

    There are other details to be edited as well. Hence, you would be able to showoff in front of your friends as well that some cute girl is messaging you. Or that cute boy has messaged you.

    This app works offline as well. Hence, you would not need the internet connectivity as well. The best part is that you also can schedule the SMS deliver date and time. This is free to download and use app as a result of which you can make use of it any play and any time.

    The messages received are placed in your inbox whereas the messages sent are kept in your sent items. Moreover, you also get fake notifications as well, that you have received an SMS.


  4. ImNot.Me Anonymous Texting

    i am not meThis app is little different. Here you can actually send an SMS to anyone. The receiver will not get any information on who has messaged them.

    Hence, by being anonymous, you can easily prank your friend by calling him at a restaurant in the name of a girl and then record him waiting in the restaurant for the girl that never exists.

    This app should only be used for entertainment purpose only. It should not be used for any illegal activities.

    You can send messages without being known. There will not be a single person who will get to know that you are sending the message. The message could be sent to any country.

    It has got international support. You can schedule messages as well. A notification is also sent to you once the message is delivered.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Yazzy

    yazzy - fake conversationsYazzy has been known for its great features in terms of its fake text generator android apps. You can certainly enjoy making fun of your friends by making fake conversations.

    It creates a fake conversation is very easy. You can make fake conversation of telegram, Instagram, Facebook, tweets, google searches etc.

    It is fairly easy to use app and you will get more options when creating the fake conversation. The level of customization is just amazing with this app.

    Hence, you can expect lots of detailing like, status, setting up custom images, battery level, timings etc. As a result it will give originality to your fake conversation. For that very reason, nobody would be able to deny that the conversation is not original.

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