10 Polaroid Frame Apps For Android You Must Have

This article is all about some of the best Polaroid frame apps for android that you must have. Owning a Polaroid camera is not easy for every one. But when you have an android device, you can easily download one of the below listed apps.

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Since, these apps are some of the best Polaroid frame apps for android, you could expect some top quality output. Also, all of these are apps are free Polaroid frame apps for android as well, hence you need not pay a single penny.

You can easily capture fun memories using these apps. Also, check out blending photo apps to give your Polaroid photos a professional taking look.

Polaroid Frame Apps For Android

Top 10 Polaroid Frame Apps For Android

  1. MySquare – Instant photos, vintage filters

    mysquare instant photosThis app lets us take Polaroid photos for free. This app is being used by most of the people and therefore it secures the first position in our list.

    You can select a photo from the gallery or can click one on this app and then edit it as per our choice. With this amazing app you also have options to choose the font color, Polaroid, frame, etc.

    You can also write a description below the picture or the date it was clicked to remember that particular day. There are many more features on this app which makes it the first choice to use. To check out other beautiful features of this app, you would need to this app.


  1. StoryLab – Insta Story Art Maker

    storylab instaThis is another popular Polaroid frame app on our list with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. As the name suggests, this app is used to edit Instagram stories and status according to our preference.

    The app comes with hundreds of adjustable collage and layout templates to make our Insta story more interesting.

    Moreover, you can use cute stickers, short texts, etc while editing our photos and videos.


  1. SNOW

    snowSNOW is the next app on our list of Polaroid frame apps for android with more than 200 billion users around the world and a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It lets us find the best version of ourselves by using the various features of this app.

    You could take selfies either on this app or choose a photo from the gallery and edit it as per our choice.

    There are lots of stickers available on this app. You could choose different Polaroid frames for the picture to check which one suits best.


  1. PolyCam – Vintage Filters Cam, Aesthetic Effect

    Adding another amazing app to this list with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. This app makes it quite effortless for us to make a chain of nostalgic photos.

    It comes with more than 25 vintage filters and over 30 light effects and wonderful Polaroid frames. You could also adjust the size of pictures on this app.

    Besides these; the app has lots of filters available to choose from. Download the app to discover more about its features and effects.


  1. InstaLab – The Instant Photo Editor

    InstaLab is a great app. It allows us to share or print photos of its photo print service. This app with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 has many interesting features that make it admirable among its users.

    To print photo you just need to choose one from the gallery then add the shipping details and choose the method of payment suitable to us.

    It provides us to change the background with different background borders available. You could also adjust the brightness of the photo. It has other features like handwritten fonts, colorful textures, etc.


  1. StoryArt – Template For Instagram & WhatsApp status

    This app which comes with thousands of story templates of different shapes and colors. Using these templates you could make our Instagram stories look more beautiful and admirable.

    This app provides us with options to edit our stories and photos using different borders and styles. You could also choose the font of the captions and quotes written below the pictures.

    Now fetch more likes and followers to your Instagram stories with this easy and simple app.


  1. Mojito – Story Art Maker, Story Editor

    Mojito is the eight popular Polaroid frame app available on Android with a rating of 4.2 out of 5. This app offers more than 500 templates to create awesome stories.

    Basically an Instagram stories and photo editor, this app allows us to edit videos and pictures with cute stickers, frames, layout templates, etc.

    You could choose the border that suits best our picture on this app. Download the app to know much more about the app. For your convenience.

  1. Polaroid Originals

    This app called Polaroid Originals. It lets us create original Polaroid pictures using its Polaroid lab. The app comes with lots of features that help in editing pictures.

    Not only photos, but you can also edit videos using this app. There is also an option for the digital scan on this app. Check out other features of this app when you use the same.

    Some of the options that this app has, are not present in any other apps. This is what makes Polaroid Originals a different app from others.


  1. Lomo Cam – Vintage Cam, Analog Film Filters

    The app has more than 30 light effects with unique photo frames. You, on this app, can adjust the size and ratio of the picture easily. There are various photo filters and effects available to choose from.

    It is easy with this app to apply several retro-style filters in the pictures. There is many more to discover about this wonderful app.

    I have personally tried this app and it works smoothly and also does not consume much of the RAM, hence your android device does not heat up due to this app and always remains cool.

  1. Polaroid POP

    This is another amazing and one of the best Polaroid Frame Apps For Android There are many useful features which help in editing pictures. You could edit photos, zoom it, crop it, etc on this app.

    It comes with so many frames options and awesome stickers. You can edit as well as sync photos in no time using this app. Explore other amazing features of this app when you use the same.



These were some of the top best Polaroid frame apps that are available on Android. I know a Polaroid camera is not easy to buy and many of us can not just afford it.

Hence, these apps are a wonderful choice for taking Polaroid pictures for free. So save your money with these excellent apps!

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