9 Best Sites Like Prankowl – Best Prank Owl Alternatives

Sites like Prankowl are a savior. Specially, if you have used all your prankowl tokens ? And you are searching for sites like prankowl that can provide you facility to make free prank calls. This is the best place that you can find all about best prank call websites just like prank owl.

This list contains all the legitimate websites that you can use to make free prank calls. They serve you just like prankowl. As a result of which you will love these websites just like prankowl. We all know that the best website to make prank calls is prankowl.

Hence, there is no harm if you are also aware of sites like prankowl so that you always have a backup plan for your awesome pranks.

sites like prankowl

Sites Like Prankowl – Top Prank Owl Alternatives

These are the top best sites like Prankowl

Prank Dial

prank dialOne of the best known website for carrying out a successful prank call is Prank Dial. I have also listed prankdial alternative. After Prank Owl, this is the most famous and most used websites. They have got a great bunch of pranks that you can just send to your friends, colleagues or relatives. All you need to do is to send the prank and it will be sent from a disguised number. As a result of which your true identity will not be revealed.

Hence, you can enjoy the prank call to the fullest. You also can download the prank call and send it to your other friends on social media as well. Some of the most famous pranks include, why you hit my car, why are you calling my girlfriend ? Etc. The best part that I liked about prank dial is that, you will also get free tokens as a new user.

Easy Prank

easy prankAnother great website and nice alternate to Prankowl is Easy Prank. You will love this prank call website for its simplicity. This is very easy to use website as the name suggests. All you need to do is to select the prank that you want to send and enter the details and you are good to go. There is absolutely no need to sign up or pay anything for free calls. There are tons of options that are available for you to make free prank calls.

You also can provide your email id if you want to record the prank and the reaction of the person whom you are sending the prank. As the developers have stated that, their mission is to make everyone laughs. The laugh at Easy Prank is absolutely free because laugh is good. Hence, you can definitely try this website and let us know in the comments below.

Wacky Prank Calls

wacky prank callsIf you are a fan of perfection, they you should try Wacky Prank Calls. They have one of the most realistic and unique prank calls that you will absolutely love. When and if you are sending the prank call, the machine which is calling will greet your friend by the name. Here the machine will also answer to the questions that your friend might ask. Hence, the person on the other side might not be able to make out the difference between machine and the person calling.

The developers also add fresh pranks as a result of which there is always something new to try. There will always be new spice prank call that you can add and make your day. You can record the pranks and share them on social media and laugh at it again and again.

Comedy Calls

comedy_callsComedy Calls is the website used by many to send free prank calls to your friends. The website is pretty easy to use and send prank calls. You can enjoy a bunch of free prank calls from different categories. Some of the popular categories are Politics, Romance, Viral and music. All you need to do is to select a prank that you want to send, then enter your friends number and click on send now. Post this step, a call would be sent to your friend from some other number hence, your identity is not disclosed to the victim.

You would be required to have credit for sending the pranks to your friend. You need to log in and make an account post which you need to get credits and then send prank calls. Comedy Calls can only be used for US and Canada numbers only hence it is restricted for other countries.

Prank Caller

prank callerPrank Caller is used to prank call people anonymously. They also provide you 3 free prank calls. You will absolutely love the scenarios. While recording the prank call, you will also get the option to listen to the hilarious reactions. The website also provide you with the option of listening to the prank calls done by others. Hence, you will be able to get the fair idea of the usage of the prank calls.

There are many scenarios to choose from. They also have got free prank calls unlimited that you can use from your phone to send the anonymous prank calls. These apps are for both android and iOS users. You also can use the block my service of prank caller so that nobody is able to send you prank calls.

Prank Call Nation

prank call nationOne of the very well known website for prank calls is Prank Call Nation. Here on this website you will have a blast, if you are a prank call lover. They have shows, podcast, YouTube videos and other cool stuff. They also create prank calls based on the festival seasons as well. Hence, this is one stop destination for all the prank call lovers.

They also have a chat option that could be used by anyone. Here you can discuss and find out the coolest trending prank call situations that you can try. All you need to do is to follow the basic chat rules and you are good to go. Prank Call Nation can really be a true alternate to Prank Owl and be one of the best sites like prankowl.

My Phone Robot

my_phone_robotIf you are from US or Canada and looking for another alternate to prankowl, then the next one would be My Phone Robot. It is also pretty handy website for all the prank call lovers. It is best known for its cool and funky prank calls online. Some people also use this as a caller id faker.

You also can buy different phone numbers. This service starts from dirt cheap rate of $2.99 a month. Hence, you can prank your friends and colleagues without burning a hole in your pocket. On the other hand the services of prank calls and spoof calls if merely $0.14/call and $0.09 / call respectively.

Ownage Pranks

ownage prank callsAnother cool and very useful website for pranks is Ownage Pranks. They also have apps that lets you change your voice, for both android and iOS users. The special thing that you might like about ownage pranks website is that, you also can request a prank.

They also have got great videos of prank that anyone can enjoy on their official YouTube channel. The developers have also included animated prank calls that enable another option for prank calls.

Prank Hotline

prank hotlineOne of the newest prank website which is just like prankowl is Prank Hotline. When I say that this website is pretty similar to prankowl, it means this website also provides you with the free prank call tokens. Every new user that registers their account with them gets 3 free prank call tokens to use.

All you need to do is to create the free account. Get 3 tokens for usage and select your favorite pre-recorded prank call and enter your friends details and you are good to go. There are thousands of users per day using the facility of the free prank call service provided by Prank Hotline.

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