Top Best Click Track Apps For iOS & Android

Music with a steady pulse and sync within the instruments is really very important. This is where you can use one of the best click track apps. These apps are capable enough to play beats from 35 to 250 BPM. Hence, you will be able to play with perfect precision.

For this very reason I have listed some of the best click track apps. By using these click track apps on your phone or tablet, you can take your instrument playing to the next level.

You also can use the tempo variation mode to your benefit. As a result these click track apps will be your best assistant when you are trying to rehearse your music.

Also, with these amazing click track or Metronome, you can set the default tempo level and request every one in the band to follow the same. This will also make your instrument playing beats in sync. As a result you will sound awesome.
best click track apps

Top Best Click Track Apps For iOS & Android

1. Clicktrack

click trackAs the name suggests. This is professional click track app that could be used by anyone. Click track could be used on phone and on tablet as well. Hence, this is multi device app that could do wonders to your instrumentation performance.

You also can set the range of tempo anywhere from 90 bpm to 200 beats per minute. Hence, you can set the advance level of twinning and take your performance to the next stage of awesomeness.

There are other features using which you could add the time signature and sound and practice for your performance according to it. This will improve your performance and also make you practice at different tempo level.

Click track also supports visualizer, this will provide all the visual representation of the beats. You can go through them as follows, Downbeat is green, back beats and divided beats are alternating white and gray.

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2. Click Track – BPM Counter

click track BPM counter - iOSFor all the iOS users out there, this is the perfect solution to the click track issue. This is an awesome app for all the DJs and musicians.

With one of the most minimal user interface and easy to use features, this app serves its purpose pretty well. For this very reason Click Track – BPM Counter has become the number one choice for all the iOS users.

Some of its main features are:

  • BPM counter, this could be used for your musical instrument or for your DJ music as well.
  • Visual Acoustic metronome, this is common for all the types of usage, by having this you will get a nice graphical representation in front of you.
  • Different click sounds.
  • Whole digit numbers could also be used in the place of decimals, if you want a change.

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3. The Metronome by Soundbrenner

The Metronome by SoundbrennerOne of the most authentic apps, when it comes to click track or metronome is Metronome by Soundbrenner. It has the highest amount of accuracy and loads of useful features.

If you need your musicians to provide you a rock solid performance with the best precision. Then you should try this app. It could be used for any number of instruments and any instrument. Since this has variety of customizations available.

There are options available to easily alter time signature, also choosing a subdivision is smooth along with set accents. You also have the options of saving your experimental rhythms along with the set patters.

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4. Pro Metronome – Tempo, Beat, Subdivision, Poly rhythm

Pro Metronome - Tempo,Beat,Subdivision,PolyrhythmIf you want to master any instrument quickly, then you got have this app in your arsenal. This app comes with studio quality features that allow you to sync to a beat any of the instrument that you play.

The free version of this app has 13 different metronome tones. These allow you to even sync your voice-overs with the music that is being played. Hence, this is awesome for all the people shooting voice-overs as well.

Some of the aspects that could be customized using this app are beat tones, accents, and even the dynamics of your musical instrument’s rhythm. Hence, you can literally change the tempo or beat with a tap.

The pro version has some additional sounds and customization features that could be used. Also, there is an automated feature where you can upload your beats and get it synced with the instruments of your choice.


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5.  Tempo Lite: Click Track

metronome - temp litePacked up with some of the most amazing features is Temp lite app. This app is available for both, android and iOS users. It has got 8 different time signatures: 1-5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8 to be used at various times.

Tempo Lite works in both, portrait and landscape mode. One of the cool feature that I liked about this app is that you can turn alternate beat off to make more complex rhythm.

App also supports, tap tempo function, the range goes from 10 to 400. You also can track your time for which the sound is played. Stopping limit could also be set in case of time duration.

The app has got good support as well. Hence, you can definitely go for this app as the playback could also be continued outside the app.

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6. Dr.Betotte Metronome

Dr.Betotte MetronomeThis is one of the most premium apps and hence, it is the most expensive one. It is super accurate and super complex as well. Hence, only a trained personal would be able to handle this app efficiently.

This app has 6 independent notes division. This is what makes it a stand out app from the lot of other apps. Also, there is a volume adjustment button for each division individually.

It has got different visualization settings as well. This will provide inside details for the rhythm. Using this feature you would be able to adjust your music as well.

The pro features include multi beat mode. Where you also can allocate sound samples to each division. This will result in separate customization in different samples. Hence, providing the quality parameter to your work.

You also can save your settings according to yourself and use the same anytime. Also, the data or the settings could be saved on could, as a result of which it could be used from multiple devices as well.

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