Top Best Emoji Apps For Android & iOS

An emoji can express your feelings more than your texts. What you cannot say in words an emoji can with a simple image. Hence, everyone needs at least one of the top best emoji apps.

For every conversation that you have with your friends or with family, you can use emoji to express your inner feelings. As a result of which having the right emoji for the conversation becomes more important.

You also can use the emojis while talking with girls. In this article I have listed some of the top best emoji apps for android and iOS users. Hence, there is an app for everyone.

These listed apps are free to use and could be downloaded from the official app store of the respective app stores. You also can check out top best sticker apps for android.

Best Emoji Apps

Top Best Emoji Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Bitmoji

    bitmojiWhen ever the word emoji apps comes to my mind, instantly I think about the app called Bitmoji. It is one of the best apps that you will have for all the type of emoticons. It is a kind of personal emoji world for you. Creation of your personal emoji cartoon is just a minute task. You also can use Bitmoji in the Snapchat. There are amazing emojis and a bunch of customization apps present for the users.

    This app is available for both android and iOS users. When you use this app in the Snapchat with a person. You will find that you have unlocked a special feature image of yourself and the other person as well. This is called friendmoji. You can also check out some of the best middle finger emoji apps.

  2. Giphy

    giphyIf you do not know about Giphy, then you must be living under a rock or something. As the name suggests, this app mostly has the GIFs as the collection. The main collection includes Disney, Pixar and Star Wars emojis. You also can collect emojis of The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, Zootopia, The Muppets and play among your friends as well.

    This is an easy-to-use app and has all the latest collections of images and GIFs. Hence, you would be getting all the latest updates from the world of emojis. You can collect the emojis and use it on other apps and websites as well. Giphy app is available for android and iOS users both without any cost. It does include advertisements.

  3. Go Keyboard- Emojis

    go keyboardWith the user base of more than 200 million users, go keyboard is one of the best known emoji apps. With the huge variety of emojis, GIFs and stickers it is one of the most used emoji apps. You also have the personalized options present in this app. Hence, you can customize emojis, cartoons and stickers according to your usage. Also, you would be able to create emojis out of your own images as well.

    There are 10k+ themes, a thousand plus GIFs and 800+ emoticons, with such a huge collection, it has a huge database. It also has emoji search, autocorrection and gesture typing as well which makes this Go Keyboard even more attractive to use. Go Keyboard also provides the language support for major languages worldwide, hence it is already been used by people all over the globe.

  4. Disney Emoji Blitz

    disney emoji blitzAnother great app when it comes to huge collection of emojis is Disney Emoji Blitz. It contains all the emoji from the Disney world plus you will also get emojis from Pixar, Star Wars etc as well. The developer keeps on updating the app according to the current trend. Hence, you can expect all the latest trending emojis as well. The app also has special events for special occasions as well. As a result you will also get emojis from all the major holiday themes as well.

    This app is easy to use and available for both android and iOS users. Disney Emoji Blitz is easy to use and is light on your phone as well. The app also has some in-app purchase options, hence if you like them you can get them by paying some money. Else for normal users there are advertisements on the app.

  5. Emoji Maker

    emoji makerIf you are a fan of customization and want emojis just like you , then you can go for this awesome app called Emoji Maker. There are no complicated tasks or anything. All you need to do is to download this app and follow simple steps to create an awesome customized emoji for yourself. You have customization options starting from eyes, mouth, hair, hair color, eyebrows, nose, lips etc.

    The emojis that you are creating using these apps would be usable on any of the platforms, hence this is pretty col app to have if you are interested in making and customizing emojis. For iOS users there is a similar app that lets you make emoji from your own image. Hence, you get the emoji out of yourself.

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