Top Best Music App Without Wifi For Android And iOS

Music is the best medicine. If you are stressed out or you have any type of mental pressure. In that case music could be the best therapy for you. There might be situations where there is no network or wifii connectivity. Hence you can easily use one of the best music app without wifi. I am going to list exclusive apps that work without wifi. As a result of which you will have access to music all the time.

This list would contain the best music app without wifi which are completely free to use. As a result you will not have to pay a single penny out of your pocket. These no wifi apps are listed in the google play store and the iTunes store as well. Hence, you can be sure that these apps are legitimate apps and they will not harm your phone. Since they are licensed apps, you do not have to worry about any type of piracy. For listening songs at school you also can check out unblocked music sites at school.

best music app without wifi android

Top Best Music App Without Wifi

  1. Pandora Music

    pandora musicThe first thing that comes to my mind when I say music app without wifi is Pandora Music. Keeping all the other apps aside, Pandora has proved to be one of the best apps in this field. There are options that enable the offline playing of songs on this app. You can easily search and play your songs. Pandora is available for android and ios users as well.

    For getting the music without wifi, all you need to do is to become a premium member of Pandora. Post which it will convert into music downloader app and you will have songs for offline playing. Hence, you will have the capabilities of playing the music without wifi on your android and ios.

  2. Spotify Music

    spotifySpotify is another cool app when it comes to music without wifi. I guess there is no introduction needed for Spotify as this is one of the best music app without wifi. It is available for all the leading operating systems including android and ios. You can search and listen to your favorite song and download the same on your device using the Spotify app.

    It has got one of the biggest database of songs that you can find. You can build your own music collection on the app. Hence, when ever you are without wifi, you can listen to music without any issues. For offline listening of songs, Spotify is one of the better apps. The premium features include add free music, access to all exclusive songs and offline listening of music.

  3. SoundCloud

    soundcloudThe developers claim that SoundCloud is the world’s largest and biggest music and audio platform. This is also true to some extent. It has got more than 150 million sound tracks and there is constantly new addition of songs to it. It also has the collection from all the latest movies and music albums and artists as well.

    With SoundCloud Go, you can avail a bunch of cool services. It includes downloading songs for offline listening. You can use this app as a no wifi app. Hence this is one of the best music app without wifi for android and ios users. There will be no adds displayed on your app. Addition to this, the amount that you will contribute would be shared with paid contributors on the app.

  4. Slacker Radio

    slacker radioThis is not so popular app for music. When it comes to music without wifi, this is as awesome app that could used by android and ios users. By using this app you will have absolutely free access to high quality curated music. When you are using this app, the whole power lies in your hand. You will have access to all the stations even when you are offline. There would be absolutely no need of any data connection for the same.

    The app lets you listen and download any audio that you want. You also will have exclusive access to music shows in your hands. There is so much that you can get with the Slacker app. It has on demand music, music shows, custom music stations and other cool music stuff.

  5. Google Play Music

    google play musicAn awesome option for the music without wifi isGoogle Play Music. If you are a fan of quality and awesome music at your finger tips when ever you want, you should have Google Play Music app installed on your mobility device. Being an Google LLC app it provides some awesome quality options for music lovers. Being one of the best music app without wifi is just one of the many quality that it has.

    It has literally millions of songs in its database.With all the legitimate options for all the music lovers, you can subscribe and get music on demand when ever you want. With the family plan for six members, you can enjoy Google Play Music and other premium membership apps like YouTube red etc. Hence this music app can be the only music app that you might need on your mobile device.

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