Top Best Picture In Picture Apps

There was time when everyone used to buy PIP editors and PIP cameras. The purpose behind the purchase was only to get picture in picture effect. But gone are those old days.

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Since you are a reader of this esteemed web magazine, I am presenting you a list of apps that will do the work for you same as done by PIP editors and PIP cameras. It’s just that you will not have to buy the specific device anymore.

These apps are from the official app store of Google and iTunes, hence these are authentic apps and are safe to use. You would be able to make picture in picture just by tapping your phone’s screen a few times. These apps are super light on your phone and easy to use. You may also check out some of the best photo editing apps for free.
top Best Picture In Picture Apps Android iOS

Top Best Picture In Picture Apps

PiP Camera Picture In Picture

pip camera appOne of the most used app when it comes to picture in picture app is PiP Camera app. This app is for all the android users. It is a free to download and free ti use app. You will have all the features of PIP camera and number of effects which would make your selfie look cool. This app has many filters under the option of pip collection. Some of them are glass, cup, mirror, the tablet, snowflake, car mirror etc.

It is easy to use app and requires just few taps to convert your normal selfie to PIP picture. Hence, you just need to upload the picture to this app and select the filter and you are good to go. You also have the option of easily sharing the edited selfie with picture in picture effect on any of the social media platforms.

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Photo PIP, Photo Editor

pip photo editorThis is another all in one photo editor app. It has many features but the feature that makes it stand out is Photo In Photo or PIP effect. It also has got amazing photo blending option that is used by many people.

You can easily make your photos stand out by using any of the options. Also, you may use combination of options like photo blending and photo in photo effect. This will provide a new dimension to your selfie or your photo.

It also has got square image converter and Scrapbook: create memorable album also trippy app options for editing your images.

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FotoRus – Camera Photo Editor

fotorusThis is another all in one kind of photo editor. But this app’s specialty lies in photo and cut out photo effects. This app is only available for the iOS users. It also has many stickers that could be used while editing photos. It also has effect that are related to Instagram like no crop photo editing. You also have tons of options to use,  like Filters, Scenes, Adjust, Lighting, Light etc.

You will find this app to be most professional and accurate in terms of features and the effects that it includes in the photos. Hence, by the help of this app, you can easily give professional look and feel to your images, photos and selfies. You also can prepare photo collage using this app.

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Picture in Picture (PIP) Frame

Picture in Picture (PIP) FrameAs the name suggests, this is an app which has amazing and beautiful frames. These frames enable a picture in picture type of dimension of the image, In turn you normal and simple image looks professional and amazing.

Hence, you will find your image to be awesome. This is simple to use app. All you need to do is to select the photo and upload the same and then select the frame that you need.

The conversion from simpleness to awesomeness is done just by few taps on the screen and you are good to go. You can download this app from the official iOS store and it is available for free.

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The Best Picture In Picture – Video Apps

Picture In Picture – Floating Video Window

picture in picture - videoPost photo editor picture app, now it’s high time that I cover some picture in picture apps for videos as well. This app has unique concept that it follows. By using this app, you would be able to watch video, while you are working on any other screen. Like in one window you would be able to watch YouTube video and on the other screen, you can work. Hence, this is one of the most helpful apps for multi tasking people.

This app also supports Flash players, HTML5 players, iframe videos. Also, the developers have tested some of the well known specific websites, and they work smoothly. The list includes, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, TED etc.

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imovieiMovie is one stop solution for all your video editing requirements. It has got amazing some amazing tools that could be used very easily. Some of them include picture in picture, green screen, and split screen effects. It also has built in music that you can add to your videos in between to make them look funky and amazingly cool. Also, the developers have added sound effects, motion effects, transition effects and 10 other apple effects that can be used.

It also has iMovie everywhere. By using this feature you may be able to save the move on the cloud and access the project on any device that you like. You can easily save audio, videos. Send audio, videos and do other stuff for social media and make your video and photo sharing awesome.

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