Top 15 Karaoke Apps Online For Android

No matter how old are you, we all love karaoke. 🙂

There is always a small little kid inside you that is always urging you to come out.

And Karaoke time is the best time to loosen up that child in you.

Today on Your Top Best we will be discussing the top karaoke apps online for android. You also can check out the top karaoke apps for iOS users.

Top Karaoke Apps Online

Top Karaoke Apps Online For Android

I have tried my best to present the top karaoke apps online for android. As all these apps have different functions and different features hence you can try all of them. Then you may choose the best one accordingly. I have provided the description for all the top karaoke apps online and I have also provided you the direct link to the google app store from where you can download the app directly. Also you may check out best English songs download websites.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing by Smule if “the one of best” karaoke application for android.

  • It has a great feature which lets you share your covers with over 50M+ global audience and fans.
  • There is an option for self recording with video.
  • If you want to sound amazing then you should use this application.
  • It’s special voice are very good that can be used to filter and spice up your performance even more.
  • And if the song that you are looking for is not available the you may post a request on :


Karaoke Sing & Record

If you are looking for a singing app that makes you sound good, then this is the one for you.

  • With this app you can sing, record, share – karaoke style!
  • This application has an endless catalogue of music videos from a variety of genres.
  • You may search your songs and sing in any language.
  • It has special voice effects like echo and reverb if you like, you may add these to your songs.
  • You can sing your heart out for free.
  • There is an option to share your performance with world of internet on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Whatsapp etc.


The Voice : On Stage – Sing!

This is not just karaoke application, but this is beyond that.

  • With this application you can experience your favorite TV show The Voice as if you were on stage.
  • You can sing karaoke with your favorite stars in the singing game.
  • This application also has the feature to share your performances on social media.
  • You can record your own music videos.
  • We can also watch all the amazing covers from the singers around the world and like and share their videos.
  • It also supports auto-tune feature to sound like your favorite singers.
  • Capture the magic moments on video.


Sing Karaoke with Star Maker!

By Using this application you can sound just like a Star…!!!

  • It has got some good features of audio effects .
  • You can also use the “Auto-Tune” feature effect to sing just like the superstar.
  • And by socially sharing the video performance you can also become like a star that you have always wanted to be.
  • Its amazing community lets you vote your best superstar.
  • You can also vote others performances.


Fusic : Sing, Dance & Karaoke

Fusic is the new social app that has taken karaoke to a new level.

  • This app allows you to sing, take video.
  • You can lips-sync or also can just dance on the song tunes.
  • And the most amazing feature of this application is that you need not have any video editing skills.
  • It has an editor that does it for you.


Karaoke Rush

  • This application is not a karaoke app, but a game of karaoke.
  • In this there is a girl that you can help in becoming the number one Karaoke staff.
  • This game has 3 different worlds, so that you can enjoy the karaoke world.


Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Red karaoke has the widest range of karaoke songs from all over.

  • You can enjoy great music and sing along.
  • This application has great social sharing feature, which lets you share all the songs.
  • Red karaoke lets you record 20 complimentary songs every month.
  • And if you apply for the VIP membership you will have access to 45,000 songs.


SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

Sing play lets you create own original recordings.

  • You can share the same with your family, friends, and world.
  • Sing play has a very unique feature, as it converts the music in your phone to a karaoke song.
  • There is no need to download any karaoke song etc.
  • You just need to select the song from your device and start singing with star voice.
  • And after you have recorded, you can edit the songs with volume and voice controls.
  • This is a great application for all karaoke lovers.



Karaoke Sing

Karaoke Sing is a great application to practice on.

  • You can record and listen to the song in your voices.
  • Try singing like different celebrity singers.
  • There is an option of sharing the music with others.
  • It has a great auto tune feature, that you make your voice like a singer.



Gaao Bollywood & Hindi Karaoke

Gaao karaoke is a great app for Bollywood lovers.

  • You can find the latest Bollywood karaoke songs.
  • Bollywood karaoke app has some great features.
  • Self record and voice enhancement feature that lets you sing like a rock star.
  • You can also create free style music by using “sing without karaoke tracks”.


Best Karaoke App For Download

Application Name Download Link
Karaoke Maker Google Play Store
Karaoke Mode Google Play Store
Simple Karaoke Record Google Play Store
Midifun Karaoke Google Play Store
Karaoke Songs And Lyrics Google Play Store

Hope you liked our efforts of compiling a list of best and top karaoke apps online.

If you want to add your favorite app, use the comment option below.

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