Free Unblocked Music Sites At School

I personally love music. So does everyone else. Blocking music from schools or colleges is not such a cool Idea. Hence to solve this problem for all school and college going people, I am bringing in methods to use free unblocked music sites at school colleges or at offices.

Unblocked music web portals are hard to find at school or college. As a result you might be searching for some free and unblocked music on the internet. You need not worry as you could easily unblock websites at school, if you follow the websites listed below. Some of these also provide you with English songs downloads.

Unblocked Music Sites At School


Top Best Unblocked Music Sites At School

The websites that I have listed below are all the sites that are generally unblocked at school. You can easily enjoy the unblocked music at school by going to these sites. These sites would include top English song download website, so that you can download the songs as well and listen to them offline.

You can be 100% sure that I have mentioned legitimate websites that would be unblocked sites at school and colleges. I have seen multiple portals which do not provide complete list, but here you would find complete list of unblocked music websites for school, colleges or for your work place.


    hulk share

    Hulkshare is one of the top rated unblocked music sites. It is one of the trusted website for music by its users. You would be able to find all the top rated songs. Finding songs is very easy as it lets you find by genre, artists, date etc. There are no complexities, so users can access their favorite music in no time. HulkShare could be considered as the social networking website for music. They also allow users access songs via several options, even depending on your mood.On its main page you could find Hottest selling single and albums. There is now signup required or no account creation is necessary for listening to songs.



    playlist sound
    As the name suggests Play List Sound, this portal has great playlist configured. You may directly visit this unblocked website and enjoy free music. There is an option to create your own playlist as well which is great for user experience.There is completely no need of login/sign up makes it even easier for students who wants to enjoy their music while they are busy in the school. In most of the offices and places this music website would be completely unblocked.


    Spotify is one of the most famous websites for music and songs. You have the option to listen to unlimited great music online. This is considered to be the most premium portals because of totally ad-free and uninterrupted music streaming experience. The best part is, if you want to listen to music offline, you may download the songs as well. Spotify is easy to use and loads pretty quickly on your system as well. You can also use this free music website on your PC, mobile tablet etc.


    soundz abound
    This is one of the most user friendly and amazing music website that is unblocked. This website is must use for students and college students. They provide you with the free music that has no copyright issues. Basically you would be getting all the loyalty free music here. There are high chances that this music website would be already unblocked by your school/college administration. They have provided you with wide variety of music from various genres, regions and time periods. So it is a valuable additional in our compilation of free unblocked music sites at school.


    Slacker is also one of the most popular website among the school going kids. This is not a purely music website but it supports more than 200 radio channels. All the students could easily listen to these channels completely free of cost. They also has special customized playlists like weekly country countdown, top music on charts, fresh music of the month etc. Here you can get ample amount of free music and is a great time pass for school kids. Slacker is one of those websites that would be unblocked in your school.


    Bluebeat is mostly unblocked music websites. By visiting bluebeat you can make sure that there is uninterpreted service of music served. They also offer audio tracks in three dimensions that are not easily available on other music sites. You can tailor your experience to your needs by creating music playlists that ensure all your favorite songs are in one place.


    sound cloud
    Sound cloud is another widely used unblocked music portal in schools. It is type of social platform for music lovers. Hence this is really popular among school and college students. There are millions of songs that you can listen and download from the portal. I must say this is one of the better unblocked music sites at school. At Sound Cloud you would be able to find per-customized play lists like top-50, New & Hot sections and retro music.


    tune in
    As you might have guessed from the name itself. Tune in is the radio website which gives you the access to hundreds of radio channels. As a result you would be having access to unlimited music for free in your school.It is so much easy to browse categories like Local Radio, Trending, Music, Sports, News, Talk, Audio Books and many more. Also there are region wise and language wise radio stations available. TuneIn has around 100,000 radio stations from all over the World and Tune In have around 4 million podcasts to enjoy music from anywhere.

  9. Song Area

    song area
    Another awesome website that you could use to listen to the music at school is Song Area. I have been using this one since last 3-4 years at my organization. This has never been blocked. The reason is , many people are not aware of this website, hence the administrator might rarely see someone using this one. The fact is, this is one of the oldest websites out there that could be used for listening songs offline. To help the users it has got a bar from A-Z where the songs are listed in alphabetical order. They also have a section where you get to see the latest songs in most popular searches.

  10. Accu Radio

    It might be termed as radio, but actually this is free music service that anyone could use. You have the option to search the songs that you love using the search bar. Using this service, you can listen to the songs anywhere anytime. They have also provided you the option to connect your account from the social media profiles and share the music that you love. Be it your school, college, office or university you can enjoy the free music service everywhere. They also have android and iOS apps which you an use if you are really into quality music and awesome experience.

  11. 8tracks

    8tracks is one of the most simple song website in this list of unblocked music sites at school. There is absolutely no need to sign up for them. All you need to do is to visit the website and choose the genre, you would be displayed a list of songs to choose from and you can select any song and play it. There is no organization or no owner of the songs present here. The people and the DJs are the owner of the songs. Hence this is a great platform to showcase your talent to the world. The best part is , 8tracks is not restricted to any specific country, it is available through out, hence it connects all the people throughout the World.

  12. NoiseTrade

    noise trade
    Another great website for music lovers is NoiseTrade. This is moderately popular website, hence there are high chances that it is unblocked at your organization. Noise Trade contains thousands of albums that are completely free to use and are 100% legal. It is kind of direct-to-fan distribution platform based in Nashville. They have tons of awesome music that you could listen in your organization, college or at your school anytime. It has got music from all the genres like, blues, country , classic, comedy etc. There is absolutely no need to sign up if you just want to listen to the free music. All you need to do is to click on your favorite music category and then select the album and you are good to go and you can listen to the free music.

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